Unique Solution “One Stop Shop”

As regards the representation of companies and brands, MCI is the only enterprise operating in Mozambique which offers its clients a fully integrated solution, in which all the services are provided by a Total

Confidentiality and Data Management

Preserving and protecting the privacy of each client is one of the paramount values of MCI, from the first contact. This watchful attitude towards privacy runs right through the relationship we establish with our clients.

continues... We possess state-of-the-art technological support which allows us to conserve data related with the businesses and activities of our clients on international and national servers with modern back-up and security systems.

As well as guaranteeing the secure conservation of information, the data management system used by MCI also makes it possible to generate, almost immediately, data that is extremely useful for managing a business.

The system also possesses software which issues automatic alerts for crucial dates, such as the deadlines for renewing documents, thus lifting a considerable burden from the companies and their staff.

Total Dedication

MCI stands out through offering personalised attendance, which is watchful to the specific needs and the privacy and confidentiality of each client.

When working with MCI, the client finds a partner who regards its needs as the absolute priority, and guarantees it a dedication and a standard of quality which makes it feel truly unique.

Specialised Team

MCI works with a team of professionals with a high degree of experience and knowledge in their areas of operation. We do not merely seek out highly competent professionals – we work with the best at national and international level. Our team excels in the attention and care dedicated to each client.