Representation of Foreign Brands and Companies in Mozambique

introduce your company, brand or product(s) onto the Mozambican market through a credible and experienced company licensed for this purpose, MCI offers you the possibility of doing so with excellence.

We take care of all the procedures necessary for the establishment and growth of a brand or company in Mozambique:

Licensing and handling of documents (including documentation of expatriates)

continues... Supply of management instruments Legal support Accounting and audit services Marketing and advertising (including the organisation and management of events) Sales and distribution of products. We also possess a licence for importing and exporting.

Travel and Tourism Consultancy

MCI offers consultancy services in travel and tourism which focus on the comfort, convenience and sophistication to which the modern executive is accustomed. We guarantee the management of the travel portfolio of large companies, as well as all the associated activities,

continues... from identifying the solutions most adequate to each circumstance, ticket management, negotiation of fares, logistics (accommodation, meals, transport), leisure and well-being, and any other related aspect..

Concierge VIP Service

MCI provides highly sophisticated and personalized concierge services tailored to each client’s profile and demands. Services available include: limousine chauffeur drive; private safety (bodyguards); destination management (including luxury hotels and real estate).

Outstanding feature

MCI offers a One Stop Shop solution: packages of inter-connected services with the highest quality standards, thus allowing its clients to concentrate their efforts and resources on developing their businesses.

Promotion of brands and products

Moved by our determination to contribute to the strengthening and sustainability of the businesses and brands of our clients, we rely on a team that is strongly oriented towards all the components of corporate marketing...

We ensure the penetration and expansion in the Mozambican market of any brand or company which wishes to stand out.

Training and capacity building

MCI is also licensed to offer services of human resource training and capacity building. This allows, for example, international companies who need to train local staff in Mozambique to do so through MCI.